Out Standing in the Field


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Out Standing in the Field

Out Standing in the Field

Just a little information about grass-fed farm beef.

Ideal at Rare to Medium. Grass fed farm beef cooks 30 percent faster than store-bought beef. When using a meat thermometer remove the beef from the heat when it is ten degrees LOWER than the desired temperature. The beef will continue to cook after you take it off the heat!

Well done meat should be cooked at low heat and slow or cooked slowly in a light sauce that does not mask the natural flavor of the grass-fed farm beef.

All grass-fed beef is low in fat but the VERY lean cuts New York Strip or Sirloin steak will benefit from a light flavored marinade that will not mask the natural flavor of the grass-fed farm beef. 

Tenderizing breaks down the connective tissue in the tougher cuts, a JACCARD (hand-held tool with little needles) that allows the rub/marinade to penetrate  into the beef. 

Thaw the vacuum packed beef in the refrigerator. DO NOT COOK THE BEEF COLD FROM THE REFRIGERATOR.  For faster thaw, place the vacuum sealed beef in cold water for a few minutes. Always let it sit in the cold water for no more than 30 minutes. 


Vegetable Leather


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Purple Morning Glory

Purple Morning Glory

To make  Fruit leather you  puree  the fruit or vegetable which is then  dried and rolled into chewy taffy.

Apples, apricots, berries (all kinds), cherries, nectarines, peaches,pears, pineapple and plums make excellent fruit leathers. Be sure to remove excess seeds from berries. Fresh fruit is the best, but do not overlook canned or frozen which can be used any time of the year. The vegetable leather is a little harder to find recipes for.

I have always wanted to make fruit leather, but I also want to try something different. So I have decided  to make some vegetable leather instead. I am going to include the link for the recipe I will start with and then I will try mixing  a fruit with the  vegetable.  I will let you know what ingredients I use and how it taste when I finish.  I think I will use apple and pumpkin. Stay tuned for update on Sunday 8/11.


I have made the pumpkin/apple mixture and it now in the dehydrator.

1 – 15 oz can solid pack pumpkin, pumpkin only

1½ cup  unsweetened apple sauce, I used store-bought

¼ cup  Agave Nectar or honey

¼ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

¼ teaspoon cinnamon

Heat all in a sauce pan to 140 degrees then spread on  the plastic tray that comes with the dehydrator or on plastic wrap . Dry until it is like leather.

Wow my house smells like a pumpkin pie is baking!

Well I finally tasted the pumpkin/apple leather and I really like the flavor, not too sweet and the apple lightens the heavier pumpkin taste. If you like really sweet snacks you might add more of the sweetener. I think I will really like it  for a quick snack between meals.

More Paleo diet stuff


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 porter ofannin farms

Our cow and calf @ O’fannin Farms

I have been eating the Paleo way for 2 weeks. I am  feeling more alert, less bloated and as of today I am not even that hungry between meals. I did miss carbs, all that white unhealthy stuff we stuff in our face without thinking.   I have come to realize that the one food I reach when I am in a hurry or being lazy was  always carb related. I use to think it was because I craved carbs, but it seems most prepackaged, easy to grab for foods are carb laden. Now that I am eating healthier I now grab walnuts or almonds, fresh fruit and vegetables. I must come clean about my one non paleo food I have on high stress days………. dark chocolate M&M’s.

I came across this article about dairy and the Paleo diet, so I am sharing the  high points.

Did you know we are the animal in the world who drinks milk beyond infancy? Most milk products contain palmitic and myristic fatty acids, substance that elevate blood cholesterol. A lot of people are lactose intolerant and would feel a lot better if they gave up all milk products. But this is easier said than done for people who LOVE milk. My husband loves milk and is intolerant to it, but this does  not stop him from drinking it, go figure!


Raw, fermented. full-fat dairy is probably best if you can not stop eating or drinking  dairy.

Raw Butter & Cream:  are free of most lactose ( a sugar present in milk ) and casein ( the main protein present in milk and (in coagulated form) in cheese. It is used in processed foods and in adhesives, paints, and other industrial products) I think casein sounds disgusting!

Goats Milk: close as you can get to breast milk, who knew!

Ghee : clarified butter made from the milk of a buffalo or cow, used in Indian cooking. Made from Grass fed cows is the best. Pure animal fat with no lactose or casein. Here is a link for how to make Ghee from butter.



Internal Temperatures for Beef


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Enjoying a morning meal

Enjoying a morning meal


130˚-140˚ for medium rare

145˚-150˚ for medium

155˚-165˚ for well done

It’s a good idea to purchase a good meat  thermometer.


Do not over cook, this beef is made for rare to medium rare cooking. If you do not like rare to medium well done beef, marinate at least 1 hour, or better  yet overnight before cooking. Cook your grass-fed beef  slowly at very low temperatures.

The beef is extremely low in fat, so you should coat with olive oil or a favorite light oil for easy browning.

The JACQUARD MEAT TENDERIZER will tenderize all your meats including grass-fed beef, grain feed beef, poultry, veal, venison, pork and lamb.  YouTube has a great video on how to use the Jacquard. If you choose to use a liquid marinade, choose a very simple light flavored recipe so as not to ruin the delicate flavor of the grass-fed beef.


Citrus Fruit Juice – lime, lemon, or orange

Wine – red, white, or rice

Vinegar – often balsamic, red wine vinegar,or rice wine vinegar

Add: coordinating flavor ingredients such as minced garlic, minced fresh ginger, freshly ground black pepper, thyme, or rosemary.

I like to vacuum seal my beef with the marinade then place in refrigerator over night before cooking the next day.

Weekly Writing Challenge: I Remember


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I remember my Mom always cleaning and cooking . She was always busy doing something. I think I am a lot like her, a good thing ! She is what they call now a Stay @ home Mom. When I grew up it was really normal for the Dad to support the family and the Mom  to stay @  home and raise the children. When Dad got home, ( I heard that a lot when I was in trouble) he took over to support her in the decisions. One of my many fond memories growing up is the train we had in our hallway.  I would load all my dolls, stuffed animals , and sometimes the live animals if they would let me, into the seats. I would crawl into the front car and away we all would go to the next stop on the line. The trips where always different, it always depended on how many times my Mom  was interrupted while she mopped  the kitchen before she  put the chairs back around the kitchen table! I love you Mom & Dad!

Paleo Diet


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    The paleo diet is nothing new under the sun. Also know as the hunter-gatherer diet, the paleolithic diet or simply the caveman diet, the paleo diet advocates a return to the eating habits of our ancestors. The paleo diet is based on the logic that for most of human evolution, humans did not have access to the processed food that today make up the bulk of the caloric intake of the modern civilized person. The paleo diet is based on research into modern-day hunter gatherer societies, specifically the work of anthropologist Weston Price, who do not appear to suffer from many of the degenerative diseases that plague modern society.
  • If you live in the Dallas/Fortworth area of Texas and are looking to buy 1/4 or 1/2 of a natural pasture grass fed beef, check out this link http://ofannin.com/ofanni_1./HOME.html






My husband gave me a dehydrator awhile back & I am reluctant to admit that this is only the second time I have drug it out of it’s hiding place in the mudroom.
I had a good crop of tomatoes this year and I never thought I would say I am tired of eating them. I know I will miss them this winter, so why not dry them for later use? I sliced the fresh tomatoes 3/8” thick and placed them on the trays @ 138 degree for the temperature. It should take 6-10 hours.
Tomato slices –use for color and crunch when crumbled over a tossed salad. They rehydrate well in soups,stews and casseroles.

My next project with the dehydrator is Beef Jerky, because we have 1/2 of a steer to eat. I know our Grass fed Beef
will work very well for this project. It is very low in fat and tender, so I think the jerky will be great.