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Out Standing in the Field

Out Standing in the Field

Just a little information about grass-fed farm beef.

Ideal at Rare to Medium. Grass fed farm beef cooks 30 percent faster than store-bought beef. When using a meat thermometer remove the beef from the heat when it is ten degrees LOWER than the desired temperature. The beef will continue to cook after you take it off the heat!

Well done meat should be cooked at low heat and slow or cooked slowly in a light sauce that does not mask the natural flavor of the grass-fed farm beef.

All grass-fed beef is low in fat but the VERY lean cuts New York Strip or Sirloin steak will benefit from a light flavored marinade that will not mask the natural flavor of the grass-fed farm beef. 

Tenderizing breaks down the connective tissue in the tougher cuts, a JACCARD (hand-held tool with little needles) that allows the rub/marinade to penetrate  into the beef. 

Thaw the vacuum packed beef in the refrigerator. DO NOT COOK THE BEEF COLD FROM THE REFRIGERATOR.  For faster thaw, place the vacuum sealed beef in cold water for a few minutes. Always let it sit in the cold water for no more than 30 minutes.