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I remember my Mom always cleaning and cooking . She was always busy doing something. I think I am a lot like her, a good thing ! She is what they call now a Stay @ home Mom. When I grew up it was really normal for the Dad to support the family and the Mom  to stay @  home and raise the children. When Dad got home, ( I heard that a lot when I was in trouble) he took over to support her in the decisions. One of my many fond memories growing up is the train we had in our hallway.  I would load all my dolls, stuffed animals , and sometimes the live animals if they would let me, into the seats. I would crawl into the front car and away we all would go to the next stop on the line. The trips where always different, it always depended on how many times my Mom  was interrupted while she mopped  the kitchen before she  put the chairs back around the kitchen table! I love you Mom & Dad!