My husband gave me a dehydrator awhile back & I am reluctant to admit that this is only the second time I have drug it out of it’s hiding place in the mudroom.
I had a good crop of tomatoes this year and I never thought I would say I am tired of eating them. I know I will miss them this winter, so why not dry them for later use? I sliced the fresh tomatoes 3/8” thick and placed them on the trays @ 138 degree for the temperature. It should take 6-10 hours.
Tomato slices –use for color and crunch when crumbled over a tossed salad. They rehydrate well in soups,stews and casseroles.

My next project with the dehydrator is Beef Jerky, because we have 1/2 of a steer to eat. I know our Grass fed Beef
will work very well for this project. It is very low in fat and tender, so I think the jerky will be great.